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ARBITRATION COURT / AC / at EUROPEAN INSTITUTION FOR MEDIATION AND ARBITRATION /EIMA/ is a non-state (public) arbitration institution – with the headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria and is a professional association of lawyers and experts in various fields of economic life, that provides the specialized supreme act of dispositive principle in civil proceedings.

The priority in the ARBITRATION COURT activities is the settlement of disputes and conflict resolution through the mediation, arbitration and other alternative methods.

ARBITRATION COURT at EUROPEAN INSTITUTION FOR MEDIATION AND ARBITRATION in a short time proved to be one of the most influential judicial institutions in Bulgaria, whose legal practice enjoys a reputation among the business activities and the legal profession, because it offers a quality and effective procedure for the consideration and resolution of civil and commercial disputes.

The arbitration is a mechanism for the resolving disputes, which is available as to the parties in internal dispute, as well as international litigation.

The parties do not always enjoy in resolving their disputes by state courts.

In many jurisdictions, it takes too much time and it is a formal intellectual exercise carried away from the problems of the parties.

In the international disputes where one party cannot convince the other side to accept its courts, the arbitration may be an attractive, if not necessary permission.

In the state court it is applied the three-instance hearing of the cases, while the arbitral tribunal dispute shall be settled by a single instance of a final decision, which takes effect on notice to the parties of the dispute.

As a result of an adequate and timely response to the new conditions of justice in the Republic of Bulgaria, the ARBITRATION COURT Board at EUROPEAN INSTITUTION FOR MEDIATION AND ARBITRATION /EIMA/ adopted the Articles of Association and the Rules in line with the latest EU regulations and applicable both in international and in domestic disputes.

Meanwhile the ARBITRATION COURT is actively engaged in improving the legislation in the field of arbitration, using the world experience, but keeping the traditions and achievements of the Bulgarian justice and is in a continuous interaction with the state institutions and NGOs in the field.

ARBITRATION COURT at EIMA builds on independent, impartial and worthy judges and experts who work strictly and observe the Constitution and legal norms, subject to the rules of professional and human ethics.

Integral part of the activities of the ARBITRATION COURT are the continued encouragement, support training and specialization of its cadres for increasing the level of their work as mediators and conciliators and the attraction of domestic and international proven experts in various fields such as law, economics, finance, maritime affairs, medicine, education, patents and more.