ARBITRATION COURT at EUROPEAN INSTITUTION FOR MEDIATION AND ARBITRATION guarantees you the highest quality in resolving civil and commercial disputes between parties, natural or legal persons, as a resident and domiciled in Bulgaria as well as abroad.

Arbitration is a manifestation of non-state, voluntary, contractual, private justice and the arbitration proceedings are non-judicial claim process, based on an arbitration contract. The legal effects of the arbitration, however, are procedural and aligned to that of the judgment.

The aim is to provide high rapidity and quality in resolving of domestic and international legal disputes by an independent judicial institution as an alternative to the cumbersome formal judicial proceedings.

The expert decision is made with the help of a third independent and neutral person who has jurisdiction over the matter, namely: The ARBITRATION COURT / AC / at EUROPEAN INSTITUTION FOR MEDIATION AND ARBITRATION /EIMA/.